Daiprox is the first certified protection, designed and patented especially for ICD and pacemaker carriers, which helps improve the quality of life of patients like me, carriers of this type of device.

Daiprox was born out of a personal need. My name is Raúl Dorado, I have a degree in Business Sciences and have had an ICD since 2003. Unfortunately, that year my mother suffered a sudden death in the middle of the street, and it was then that my cardiologist decided that I needed to have an ICD implanted, to prevent or prevent an episode like the one my mother suffered.

Over the years, the medical recommendations were updated to the point of advising me to play sports but be careful not to receive a direct impact on the device, so for many years I have simply tried to avoid any impact.

During the past year, I decided that in order to play sports with certain guarantees I needed protection and that was when this project was born. After consulting with the best cardiologists in the country, collecting scientific reports, analyzing materials, and starting endless tests, it was clear that he had to move on.

That year, despite the fact that I underwent an ICD change intervention, and in the midst of a pandemic, we presented the project in Lisbon and Denmark, participating in the Patient Innovation program, and it helped us to continue evolving and improving the project.

This trip has also led us to participate in talks in Hospitals such as the Vall Hebron Hospital, who also helped me in the first phase of the project and thus throughout this year we have not stopped publicizing the project, but above all we have met many patients, we have analyzed many materials and we have not stopped pursuing the dream.

Our aim is to reach all wearers of implantable devices and help them to be safer during any type of physical activity, without forgetting that in any case such activity must be validated by the medical team of each patient based on the existing pathologies.

Raul Dorado Fernandez

Founder of Daiprox